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I have started a line of holsters here at DeadEyeLuke. These holsters are made of
KYDEX which is a plastic material that is used in the aerospace industry. It is light
and formed thru heat, and once formed holds its shape very well. Along with being
light, it is waterproof so your body salts won’t easily get to your gun and it won’t
lose its shape if you should get wet in an accidental dunking. By holding its shape,
it can be formed to your gun and give you light, medium or hard retention without
resorting to straps or other such devices.

There are two designs at the moment. The first holster is the P-CHIP. The main
focus is ease of use and the price point. It's a simple comfortable design used for
light duty (general knocking about in town, at the house, or in the car sort of
stuff). It goes inside your waistband easily and is so light and small you barely
notice it.

The next holster design is called the MODULAR. This is more for the person that is
dedicated to carry all the time. It has a raised shelf that can be used to mount
different carry methods. It also has much more retention and versatility. The carry
method can be varied for different situations (from around town to riding dirt bikes
or kayaking to off-shore islands, where dropping your gun is losing you gun), or
different comfort levels depending on your situation.


DeadEyeLuke P-Chip Holster   

The P-CHIP is made from one piece of KYDEX and kept as small as possible. It
goes inside your waistband and a clip on the side catches on the bottom of your
belt. It does not use spring tension to hold it on so yes you DO need a belt. It
goes on and off in about a second or two. Being a light duty holster it is made for
medium to small sized guns (the 380's just disappear and the 9's are quite comfy).
The smaller guns get thinner KYDEX and the medium sized guns go up one
thickness. Also as the guns get bigger, the bottom is left open. This keeps the
profile as small and comfortable as possible. Since this is inside your waistband
there should not be a problem of getting branches or dirt in it, unless of course you
have a tendency to take off your pants and run thru the woods (in which case this
might not be the right holster for you)...see the Modular!
DeadEyeLuke Products

DeadEyeLuke Modular Holster

The MODULAR is made for more dedicated carry. It has high retention and in the
picture you can see the raised shelf with two holes the let you mount a J-hook.
This can be mounted hook-in or hook-out depending on your preferences. The
J-hooks allow easy on and easy off for convenience. The next option is two straps
made of leather or rubber that use the same holes that the J-hook did. These go
around your belt and lock the holster to your belt and also are easy on and easy
off. The third option is for larger guns and puts the straps in front of and behind
the gun which cants the gun forward for more comfort. This also puts the straps
below the guns height so that it will print less (this is my favorite). All these
systems are held on with Chicago screws that are also supplied with the kit.

NEW Belt Holster

I have been busy and have added a few more holsters to my selections .The belt
holster is like the P-CHIP  except made of thicker kydex and all the angles are
reversed. This holster is easy to use and hangs outside your belt and is good for
the range or hiking or just general use where concealment is not the goal. They
can be made for any of the guns that are in my application list.

NEW Pancake Holster

This is a kydex version of the classic pancake holster ,A few pluses are that being
kydex it will never sag as you sweat on it or with age like leather does. When
pancakes sag the butt of the gun droops away from your body then your arm is
always hitting it and it tends to catch on everything (kinda like when you cut your
finger and then it seems like your always catching that one finger all the time).Of
course you have the kydex click for retention without straps and because your belt
is looped through it you can mold in a LOT more retention  for very high activity
levels. Range officers, firearms instructors and off duty law enforcement officers
seem to really prefer this style holster.

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