DeadEyeLuke Projects

This page is just to show off some of the different things that are possible with
Kydex. Here are some unique projects for your viewing pleasure (and to let you
know that there is more than one way to get it done). So let me know if you have a
special project in mind, and maybe I can help! You might even see your holster
show up on this page.
Holster for 99-Year-Old Colt
Holster For Glock 23 with Light On Rail
Holster For Grendal P-10
Neck Holster For NAA 22 Mag
Holster for a .22 with a bull barrel, holograghic sight and charging handle.
It's for the range and tromping in the woods.
For when you just gotta have that pink holster for the range, or a
Christmas present for the loved one! These are not painted, the color is
molded in the Kydex.
Here is a pancake holster with gold python hydrographics
Standard camo on a belt holster. Great for hunting.
Red boa on a P-chip holster (IWB).
Pancake holster for 2 guns
Red Boa on a belt holster

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