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With the rate of crime rising and threats coming from both foreign and domestic
terrorists, we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. That is what
DeadEyeLuke.com is all about. My goal is to supply custom Kydex holsters that will
enable you (with your concealed weapons permit "CCW") to safely carry and practice
with your firearm.  Deadeyeluke.com is not about tactical or SWAT.   I recommend
leaving that to the professionals. Deadeyeluke.com is dedicated to providing you with the
tools and information necessary to go about your daily activities safely and with
confidence.  You can find DeadEyeLuke at gun shows in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.
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What We Do

I proudly make my holsters by hand in America with
all American products. All my holsters are based on
simplicity and ease of use but still offer retention and
one-handed reholstering. To keep them light, my
holsters are made of .060 or .080 sheet Kydex. The
sheets are heated, then folded into the desired shape
by hand (the Kydex is NOT melted and poured into a
mold - that method is quicker but the holsters are
thicker and heavier).
I make each orders as it comes
in and in the order received, so sometimes there may
be a small turn-around time (up to two weeks during
busy times).
But you can be assured that I will look
at YOUR order, then go to my work bench and make
YOUR order - nothing comes off the shelf. If you visit
DeadEyeLuke at one of the shows, I will
custom-mold a blank to
YOUR gun, so be sure to
come see me at a show some time. My show schedule
here. Some people think this kind of service is
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