These are some of the questions we get about our holsters.
About Our Holsters.

What is Kydex?

KYDEX is a line of thermoplastic
acrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy sheet
grades. (Huh?) That means it is a
combination of acrylic and PVC, so it is
rigid but formable, tough and resistant. It
was originally used to make airplane
interiors, and still is. That makes it a
great alternative to leather in the
production of firearm holsters. KYDEX
Thermoplastic Sheet is a registered
trademark of KYDEX, LLC, the only
manufacturer of this material, and is made
in the USA.

How are your holsters made?

100% by me, in Milton, Florida! I handle
every aspect of the production process,
from design to cutting and molding the
Kydex, fitting each holster to a gun form,
and smoothing out the rough edges.
That's how I can assure you that your
holster will fit your gun exactly the way
you want it, and I can make a custom
holster for any gun/laser/sight combo.

Can you make me a custom holster?

If I have the mold in stock, I can make
just about anything you want (inside or
outside waistband, pancake, small of
back, appendix carry, or drop ). Just give
me a call to describe what you want and
we will see what we can do. If I don't
have a mold then you are limited to
catching me at a gun show - be sure to
bring your  special gun - and we can take
it from there.

Do you print patterns on the holsters
with hydro-dipping?

I used to, but I found it does not hold up
to constant wear from using a holster. I
am looking at other options, such as OD
green and desert brown Kydex; there's
also a skull pattern that is actually
embedded in the Kydex when it's made
(that's holding up very well), and my
favorite, a carbon fiber pattern that is
molded into the Kydex and looks very real.
These can be ordered by phone for now
but will find their way into the store when
I get time.
Still have questions? Please
contact us anytime! We look
forward to hearing from you.
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We are able to make a holster for most
pistols.  Contact us and bring your gun to
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